Innovating in the quest for water

In the decades to come, the world faces a demanding challenge. Water scarcity is already a reality today. In a few years, dozens of countries will experience high water stress, and even in some of them there will not be enough water for the existing demand. Our company offers a visionary new way to get water where it has never been sought.

  • No energy supply needed

  • Zero climate change contribution

  • A green future, a blue world

Overexploitation of resources, population growth, socioeconomic improvements and climate change provide the ideal ingredients to tackle a water crisis of gigantic dimensions

The magic of nature

We work side by side with engineers from various fields, atmospheric physics, water resources, innovation consultants, geographers, geologists and a long list of experts who help us offer a service based on excellence and that has science as basis of success

  • Laboratory Tests

  • Field Tests

  • Continuous monitoring

We are constantly evolving to adapt to the demands of our clients, always from the honesty at work and in the immediate response to the needs of the moment

Meet Our Team

We are a group of enthusiasts for science and innovation, for sustainability in a world that changes at great speed and that needs great agility to adapt to the changes that lie ahead. We work for a world with water for all.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Leonardo Da Vinci


Working three-dimensional lattices to improve the efficiency of our devices


Technological innovation in the pursuit of excellence


Big Data at the service of atmospheric and materials physics


Constant field testing in different locations and environments

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We are committed to solve the water crisis

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